Kate Svitek Memorial Foundation

Our Mission

The Kate Svitek Memorial Foundation shall operate to provide financial support to individuals, groups, and various institutions whose interest and goals align with the foundation. The foundation’s focus will be primarily to promote and help underwrite a range of activities and education principally related to outdoor and wilderness exploration, study, observation, preservation, improvement, expansion, and enhancement. These activities shall relate to land, water, or atmosphere.

The Kate Svitek Memorial Foundation may direct and support among its activities the following:

  1. Scholarships and grants to local, public, private, or religious schools & universities.
  2. Provide scholarships and grants to organizations which promote the exploration, study, use, and enjoyment of outdoors and wilderness, such as but not limited to: 
         - Outward Bound 
         - NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) 
  3. Community or civic organizations and programs, parks, or commissions, etc., which help promote or support learning projects or programs for preserving, maintaining, or improving the environment.

Education and adventure through activities in the outdoors will be emphasized by the foundation. Funding may be provided for guided trips to both known landmarks as well as remote and unexplored destinations. Activities may include hiking, backpacking, camping, scuba diving, water activities, as well as exploration, mountaineering, and related activities.

Support will be provided for speakers and seminars related to the outdoors, adventure, ecology, and the environment.

Our First 16 Years

In just 16 years, the Foundation has been able to provide:

  • Annual scholarships to students at UVM to be used for summer internships
  • 26 scholarships to NOLS
  • 137 scholarships to NCOB
  • Yearly grants to Wissahickon Charter School’s 8th grade 5-day Outward Bound trip - Fernhill Campus; 5th grade trip - Awbury Campus

Grants to:

  • Robbins Park (PA)
  • Schuylkill Nature Center (PA)
  • Riverbend Environmental Education Center (PA)
  • Parkway School (Philadelphia, PA)
  • ReSource (Bend, OR)
  • Green Valleys Association (PA)
  • College Settlement Camp (PA)
  • Venture Outdoors (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • Camp Attaway (MD)
  • New Jersey Academy for Aquatic Sciences (NJ)
  • New Heights Charter School (NY)
  • Urban Blazers (PA)
  • Bikeworks (PA)
  • Sauvie Island Center (OR)
  • Pennsylvania Horticultural Society - YES (PA)
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia
  • no Barriers (CO)
  • Paddle Without Pollution (PA)
  • Camp Thunderbird (SD)
  • I-Lead Charter (PA)
  • Russell Byers Charter School (PA)
  • Central PA Conservancy (PA)
  • First Descents (CO)
  • Camp Rainbow (PA)
  • Lacawac Sanctuary (PA)
  • Monarch Academy (MD)
  • Localogy (NM)
  • Grassy Waters Conservancy (FL)
  • Los Angeles Water Keeper (CA)
  • First Waves (PA)
  • Bucks County Audubon Society (PA)
  • Chipping Hill Micro Farms (PA)
  • Phipps Conservatory (PA)
  • Baltimore Yearly Meeting (MD)
  • Johns Hopkins Outdoor Club (MD)
  • Exploring New Horizons Outdoor Schools (CA)
  • Camp Kesem (CA)
  • Pajarito Environmental Education Center (NM)
  • Brewster Pierce Memorial School (VT)
  • Strayer School (PA)