Kate Svitek Memorial Foundation
Kate Svitek Memorial Foundation

2017 Magical Night

Magic ShowOn June 3, 2017, the Kate Svitek Memorial Foundation celebrated its 15th Anniversary at the Blue Stone Country Club in Blue Bell, PA. It was a magical evening for the 110 guests at the anniversary event. Below is a short summary to fill you in on the bewitching evening.

During the cocktail hour, Marc DeSouza, a phenomenal entertainer, circulated the room and dazzled guests with his tricks and sleight of hand feats. Our friend, Ricky Cutler, from Family Jewels, displayed 10 jewelry ensembles that were raffled off after dinner and raised $1,100 for the Foundation.

Before and during the scrumptious dinner, the DJ managed to play only songs that included the word "magic" in the title.

After dinner, the group was entertained by Marc's feats of magic and illusion. We are all still scratching our heads as to how the $10 bill belonging to Michael Fishbein ended up in the center of a lime - yes, a fresh lime - and inside a sealed bag! Plus, how did randomly picked playing cards end up matching... exactly... the numbers on a lottery ticket that was in a sealed envelope? We were captivated and astounded all during the show.

Also following the show, the DJ spun music for dancing while everyone enjoyed an assortment of delicious desserts. The dinner, donations, ad book and raffles raised more than $60,000 for the Foundation.

Frank, Michael and I have often observed how magical the fundraising events can be. We know that our dear Kate has a hand in the enchantment, but we also realize that it is you, our exceptionally generous friends and family, who are part of the mystique.

As you read this, we hope that you will take to heart the words of the youngsters who are so tenderly grateful for the outdoor experiences the KSMF is able to provide. The young adults, educators, leaders and counselors know that these experiences were deeply cherished and strongly purported by Kate. Through your kindness, the magic of learning miraculously appears in countless areas where it had not been visible before.

Magic Show


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