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Kate Svitek Memorial Foundation

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Letter from Becky Pizzino

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Svitek and Family,

I would like you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I was touched by the words spoken about Kate at yesterday's memorial service as I too have many fond memories of Kate. She was one of those students who never stopped asking questions, and enjoyed every lab activity we took on. I am enclosing a note that Kate sent me prior to going on her senior project to Arizona. I keep special notes that students have written to me in a basket on my desk at school. When I am having a challenging day I often pull out one of these notes and it helps me to put things in perspective. Kate gave this to me along with a beautiful candle that I have kept in a special place in my home. When I got home yesterday I lit the candle and spoke to my five-year-old daughter about my memories of Kate. I hope that my Josie has that same spirit of independence and love of life that Kate had.

I was blessed to have Kate both as an advisee, as well as a student in marine biology. I remember that she truely loved science and the mysteries it held and experiences it had to offer. Although I did not keep in touch with Kate when she was at UVM I was so pleased to hear that she did go on those adventures that she dreamed about.

I feel blessed to have had Kate touch my life, and find it hard to believe that she is gone. It is students like Kate that keep me at Germantown Academy as they work hard and enjoy learning. Kate's note is so typical of her caring nature -it truely makes me cry each time I read it. I know that caring students come from caring parents. Thank you for giving me Kate, who helped me to become a better person and teacher.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you at this difficult time. Please know that there are many in the G.A. community who have you in their thoughts.

Becky Pizzino


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