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Letter from Robin Rovner

Dear Katie,

Recently, your mom showed me a note that you wrote in elementary school expressing your feelings about our friendship. In the note you stated that I was your "best friend." I only wish that I had written this letter sooner so you could have read my letter and realized how much I too, valued our friendship.

I will always remember the wonderful times we had together throughout elementary school. Dancing in Miss Sharon's class was definitely one of my most memorable times with you. You were such a coordinated and graceful young girl, and danced in the front row during class and our ballet recitals. Unfortunately, I always danced in the back row since I was completely uncoordinated and struggled to recall each dance step. Throughout each dance rehearsal, I admired you and looked up to you as a role model.

Each time you extended an invitation to play at your house, I always knew it meant a day of fun! I loved when we played computer games, hide and seek, outdoor games, and imaginary games in which we role-played different people. We used to take turns pushing each other on the "tire swing" and then together, we would create a clever obstacle course and race against one other. Also, I will never forget that long car ride when I went with you and your family to pickup your new pig, and I was petrified to go near the pig! Actually, if I remember correctly, I was afraid to go near almost all of your farm animals, which ultimately guided me to become more courageous.

I will always fondly recall our sleepover parties at your house that were filled with lots of laughter and enjoyment! Remember when Rosanne babysat us and we made delicious popcorn, and poured lots of salt and butter all over it? I will never forget how we jumped up and down on your sofa and then stayed up late watching television! (Maybe we better not tell your parents about this sleepover!) You always had the softest and coziest blankets at you house and I remember trying to convince my mom to buy blankets just like yours! You used to teach me arts and crafts projects at our sleepover parties. I remember one weekend, we decided to make our own business and we even made money selling beautiful handmade jewelry in your neighborhood!

Katie, I miss you so much already, I regret that I allowed us to lose contact with one another after you changed schools. I am so sorry that I let our friendship disintegrate, and I wish that we could have more time to spend together. If you were here right now, I would tell you that I feel so lucky to have had you as my best friend throughout elementary school. Katie, "Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay awhile, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never ever the same." Thank you for leaving an imprint in my heart and sharing my childhood years with me. Your inner-beauty, kindness, and sincerity will continue to shine for an eternity. You will be greatly missed, Katie Svitek.

Robin Rovner


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