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Kate Svitek Memorial Foundation

From Loved Ones & Friends

Letter from Targan Family

Dear Ellen, Frank and Michael:

I have been thinking about you a lot lately, and thinking about all that you have been through. Who could imagine? I recently went up to Beth's former bedroom and saw a picture of the girls on their way to the prom. There was a wonderful picture of Kate, and many memories began to flow. l remember Kate's smile and her spirit, and I remember that she made my daughter happy when she was with her. Though they weren't in constant touch, Beth considered her to be a great friend. I remember, too, that only charming Katie could have talked me into buying $250 worth of knives that I didn't need.
It was too cruel for her life to have ended this tragically. Because her life was cut short so early, the loss is more acute and numbing.

Rabbinical school has not given me any new answers for the seeming unanswerable questions that most assuredly arise. What I do know for certain, is that once a person is no longer here physically, she can remain with us if our hearts our open. Our loved ones remain inside of us in our memories, and they stay with us spiritually and in our psyches. Those relationships are forever...

During shivah we talked about lyrics that my friend Linda A. Creed had written. They really speak to me at this time. (It took me weeks marching through all of NY music stores to find this sheet music for you, as I had promised.) See what you think...

There's a spark of magic in your eyes
Candy land appears each time you smile
Never thought that fairy tales come true
But they come true
when I'm near you
You're a genie in disguise
Full of wonder and surprise

Chorus: 'Cause Betcha By Golly Wow
You're the one that I've been waiting for forever
And ever will my love for you keep growing strong
Keep going strong

If I could I'd catch a fallen star
To shine on you so I'll know where you are
Put a rainbow in your favorite shade
To show I love you
Thinking of you
Write your name across the sky
Anything you ask I'll try

Chorus: 'Cause Betcha By Golly Wow...

Kate had a sense of wonder and wow about her... My heart and prayers will stay with you as you try to heal. We all send our love to all of you.

Lynnda, Larry and Beth Targan

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