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Kate Svitek Memorial Foundation

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Letter from Dan Walsh

Frank, Ellen, and Mike –

I’ve been wanting to call you guys but I have been having trouble finding the right words to say to you in this tough time. This whole thing still seems like a bad dream that will be over soon. I cannot begin to express the sadness I’ve been feeling and the pain that I feel knowing what you must be going though. I know that words of sympathy will not help to ease your pain. I just want you guys to know that I pray for you every night and that Kate made an impression on me that will stick with me throughout my life. The day that she was found, I wrote down some things that were going through my mind. It helped me to ease the pain and I’d like to share it with you. Take care.

Dan Walsh

To Kate---

With my eyes to the mountain
I call out your name
The only answer comes from the ominous storm clouds
Looming on the horizon as the storm approaches
Never in my life has an impending snowstorm
Weighed so heavy on my heart
My eyes grow misty, yet the levee will not break today
I know you are forever with the mountain
One with the natural world you loved so
When I am there, you will be with me
Every mountain that I climb
Every snowstorm, powder turn, faceshot
Every time I feel the sun on my face
I’ll remember how you loved to soak in the warm sun
I’ll feel you shining down on me
As I continue this journey
I’ll carry your strength and spirit
Until we meet again my friend


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